Eco Friendly Yoga Accessories Roundup

If you love Yoga as a good deal as I do then i am hoping you may enjoy some of these high-quality companies who make lovely satisfactory, eco pleasant and sustainable products whilst giving lower back to the network.

Cork Leaf

when it comes to eco-friendly products than flexible materials cork is up there with the best of them. Cork Leaf has used it to provide fashionable yoga mats which might be backed with herbal tree rubber as seen underneath. Cork is the bark from a cork very welltree, after the tree reaches 25 years of age cork can be stripped every 9-one year without causing harm to the tree.

eco-friendly Yoga

sure they’re high priced but you do get lots on your cash. firstly they plant a tree in Australia for every mat you purchase, the surface is anti-microbial this means that it evidently kills mould and awful smells. The mats are also non slip which is so critical when you’re practising. by way of the usage of a cork yoga mat you’re being grounded as according to this excerpt:

Do you word you feel higher whilst you walk barefoot on earth? nicely studies indicates ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ is notably beneficial for your health. Our immune system functions optimally while your body has an ok supply of electrons, which are effortlessly and obviously obtained with the aid of barefoot touch with the Earth. however plastics, like % and TPE which are found in unconventional yoga mats,  separate us from this contact. via the usage of herbal resources we hope to decorate the practice permitting to absolutely join and experience grounded.

Cork Leaf also use a 100% Carbon neutral delivery provider.

i have best been able to discover sparkling opinions for this product and can’t wait to strive it myself .


Slinkii is a employer who commenced by way of simply selling sustainable yoga mats however have had fulfillment and interest and now also offer lovely yoga and Pilates lively-wear and add-ons. They use an ethically sound  method.

Their active-wear uses moisture-wicking cloth which maintains you cool and clean at some stage in your a exercising. They awareness on developing , bio-degradable and non-poisonous merchandise and in addition they donate a number of their profits to assist with conservation. they have partnered with One Tree Planted so each time you go to your cart you get requested in case you would really like to plant a tree for one dollar. In 2015 they did a one week marketing campaign and it ended in 1400 greater timber planted.

Slinkii merchandise seem to get wonderful reviews as properly. click here to examine a first-rate yoga mat overview.

in case you are interested in analyzing about Slinkiis journey please click right here.


Manduka is a US based agency who has been in operation on account that 1997 and has a complete range of pleasant satisfactory merchandise. it all all started with an concept that a higher yoga mat ought to make a global of distinction. Manduka has one of the highest pleasant and overall performance yoga mats and accessories. they’re made the use of lasting and herbal products and in which feasible renewable substances are sourced and utilised.

one of the highlights of purchasing on this website online is being able to keep via functions such as natural Cotton, Recycled Fibres, speedy Drying or Ventilated. additionally they have a weblog that is full of captivating yoga related statistics.

i’ve researched some of the product opinions which might be all incredible. some things I took far from that is that the yoga mats come in 3 extraordinary thicknesses and unique lengths however the thicker and longer the mat the heavier it is therefore it’s critical to do not forget how you may be using and transporting it. all the critiques I read rave about the consolation and balance and durability of the mats.

As i am based totally in Australia for people who would really like to buy Manduka products i’ve determined those two websites who re-sell them: Eco yoga keep and EMP

eco-friendly product


LoveEarth doesn’t most effective sell eco yoga mats however also enables to recycle and reuse antique mats. They are part of a push to lessen the ecological footprint of yoga in Australia: We would like you to send again your vintage yoga mat and could distribute these to community yoga groups serving disadvantaged populations all around Australia.

Their mats are made from herbal Tree Rubber and do now not consist of pollutants, %, per or TPE. they’re absolutely biodegradable eco-friendly gifts, non slip and durable. LoveEarth has superb reviews so in case you connect to what this organization stands for it’d be a smart funding on your exercise.

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