30 Places to Locate Eco Friendly Christmas and Holiday Cards

eco friendly products

Consistent with Hallmark, 1.three billion vacation cards dispatched each 12 months inside the US. And for the reason that that stat is coming from one of the most card corporations, I agree with it. 
in line with the USPS, common card costs variety among $2 – $four, which means that that individuals spend a whole lot of money on playing cards – a lot of which not simplest use virgin substances (trees), however additionally become inside the landfill. 
I need to break this down a touch more, so undergo with me. It’ll be quick, I promise. 
The EPA estimates that of the 250 million tons of municipal solid waste generated within the united states of America, 31% of that was paper. I understand this doesn’t translate to playing cards mainly, however the point is, individuals throw away a whole lot of paper. And when we circle lower back to the fact that tons of that paper comes from bushes (vs recycled paper), it gets overwhelming. 
I gained get into the fact that we want trees, due to the fact I’m guessing you realize that. 
All of this to mention: yes, cards may be a massive source of paper (trees), however there are methods to still ship playing cards and stay !

Is it environmentally friendly to send Christmas/vacation playing cards?

We kind of responded that question above, and prefer maximum things in the sustainability realm, the answer isn’t always clear cut. but they may be – particularly if you’re opting for cards manufactured from recycled substances, or e-playing cards. but understand that even ecards have a carbon footprint (you may read greater about this right here.) 
in case you’re set on sending playing cards (and don’t feel awful, it’s considered one of my preferred excursion traditions), here are some extra pointers to sending Christmas and excursion cards: 
–bypass at the blended substances: combined substances along with paper, foil, vellum, etc make it plenty more difficult if you want to recycle the finished by-product. while searching out playing cards, opt for ones which can be made with a hundred% recycled paper. 
–opt for recycled paper if feasible: yeah, I maintain pronouncing this. however it’s crucial. So do it. 
–look for soy-based totally inks: soy-based totally inks can lessen air pollutants for the duration of production, and soy is a renewable supply. they’re additionally plenty simpler to dispose of in the course of the recycling process, ensuring more substances can really be recycled. (supply)
–don’t overbuy: have you ever ever ended up with a ton of more playing cards at the cease of the year? Yeah…me either (kidding.) Be clearly intentional about how many playing cards you’re buying so you have just sufficient but no longer an excessive amount of. 
with out in addition ado, I’ve searched, researched and compiled a list of groups that promote cards, in addition to a big listing of e-card corporations so that you can decide what suits quality for your excursion traditions and values!
aspect observe: For most of my list-kind posts, I write a paragraph or so about the corporation, what they do, and many others. however in view that that is a put up on playing cards, I’m going to anticipate you recognize they all sell playing cards. rather, I’m simply going to list employer highlights to be aware of!
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bodily Christmas and vacation playing cards

eco friendly products

My private favorite
i am getting it, every so often you have choice fatigue or feel beaten by way of the options or simply need a advice from someone with an area they’ve used inside the beyond. If that is you, right here’s my recommendation:
Paper lifestyle

I’ve been using Paper tradition for years and i really like them. Their cards and envelopes are made with one hundred% recycled paper or bamboo, soy ink, and each order flora a tree. Plus, they’ve a big style of styles, and the cardboard exceptional is terrific year after 12 months. 10/10 would exceptionally recommend! 
right here are a few extra highlights:
-They offset their carbon footprint
-they’re licensed as a green business
-they also promote photo books and other photograph-kind items
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Artifact rebellion
company highlights:
-cards are made with 100% recycled paper
-masses of card categories and fashion designs
-also provide image items 
-other substances for gadgets along with wooden calendars and books are made from reclaimed substances 
Aya Paper Co.

business enterprise highlights:
-All playing cards are published on a hundred% PCW recycled & PCH chlorine unfastened paper
-Envelopes are made with 100% recycled kraft paper
-playing cards and envelopes are available a kraft paper field
-Black female owned

Arbor Day foundation – deliver a Tree playing cards ® 

organization highlights: 
-playing cards are made with 100% recycled paper
-every card plants a tree
Botanical Paper Works

business enterprise highlights: 
-playing cards and other products are made with 100% plantable seed paper
-specific seed options together with plants, herbs, and/or greens
-The handiest seed paper accredited by using the USDA to be free of invasive flora and noxious weeds 
-The paper base is compiled of submit-client waste from colleges and businesses 
-They use biodegradable corn plastic as packaging
buy neighborhood – farmer’s markets, arts/craft indicates, and so on.

changes are high you have a card maker on your local vicinity. buying nearby is wonderful as it now not best facilitates help those in your community, but it lets in you to ask approximately the substances they use! 
playing cards for reasons
organization highlights:
-a number of their playing cards are made with recycled paper (notice: the enterprise isn’t extremely good clear approximately how an awful lot of the paper is recycled, however so as for the recycled label to be used, as a minimum 30% needs to be recycled)
-20% of each order is going to a charity of your desire 
Earth Hero

Earth Hero is like an eco-friendly products . even as they don’t have a large choice, they do have a few alternatives! Sustainability options range through maker, however if you do a look for ‘excursion greeting’ you’ll get many options! 
I in my view love these lovable ones. 
bargain code: 10% off with code: LAURAD10 [not case sensitive, can’t be used on sale items, can’t be paired with other coupons, can’t be used on Gift Cards, TerraCycle boxes, Zeal Optics, or Naturepedic derivatives]

Etsy is a extremely good choice due to the fact there are such a lot of specific makers to choose from! I’ve pulled together special search alternatives primarily based on positive criteria beneath. Sustainable substances used will range from maker to maker. 
–eco christmas card
–recycled christmas playing cards
–plantable vacation cards
–compostable holiday playing cards
–Black owned stores
fair alternate Winds

agency highlights: 

  • playing cards made with recycled paper
    -fair exchange 
    -green American licensed enterprise
    -honest exchange Federation Member
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    all the time Fiances

This company most effective appears to offer vacation playing cards for company companies, however I desired to include it in case you’re in rate of that in your work. 
enterprise highlights: 
-cards made from one hundred% recycled paper
-the employer is a part of 1% of the planet
-offers a plantable paper option
right reason Greetings

agency highlights: 
-a few cards are made with recycled paper
-10% of card proceeds move closer to charity 
inexperienced subject Paper enterprise
business enterprise highlights: 
-playing cards are made with a hundred% recycled paper 
-playing cards comprise no chemicals or dyes
-they have got card classes which includes playing cards made with: unsolicited mail, recycled paper, plantable paper (grow a word), hemp
-is a inexperienced the united states accepted business
Greet for true
company highlights: 
-a few cards are made with 100% recycled paper
-a percentage of card price goes to a particular charity (differs base on charity)

business enterprise highlights: 
-Default choice not on recycled paper, but should buy for a piece more
-heaps of designs and varieties 
bargain code: Use code ‘Merry20’ and get 15% off vacation cards 

enterprise highlights: 
-playing cards and envelopes are made with 100% recycled substances 
-this company will deal with, stamp, and mail the cards for you
Sierra club

corporation highlights: 
-cards and envelopes are made with recycled paper
-playing cards and envelopes are made with soy ink
-each purchase supports the planet and wildlife 
ten thousand Villages 

corporation highlights: 
-playing cards are made with materials 
-honest trade
-international fair trade business enterprise member
-truthful trade Federation member
Tree-free Greetings

eco friendly products

organization highlights: 
-the business enterprise uses solar and wind power for his or her business 
-playing cards are made with a hundred% publish-purchaser recycled paper
-envelopes are made with 80% recycled wheat straw, an agricultural  
-the organisation is working with their suppliers to turn out to be carbon impartial 
-the paper the enterprise uses is bleach-loose
Thrift save
agree with it or not, your neighborhood thrift/2d hand keep can be a excellent region to discover playing cards – and for a extraordinary price! you can regularly discover new boxes of holiday playing cards, whether or not donated with the aid of someone or leftover from the previous season at a massive box store. if you’re out thrifting, really work taking a look!

If all else fails, you can always try to make your own! this can be in particular significant when you have children. Pinterest is a outstanding useful resource for locating proposal, styles, and greater. Tip: to make DIY cards , you could reuse substances along with old cards, children paintings, and extra. 
holiday Ecards

holiday ecards may be an opportunity to sending paper cards if you don’t need to do paper ones. For this phase, I’ve blanketed the beginning price, and any top notch pieces approximately the organization and what they provide. 
American most cancers Society

price: beginning at $fifty five for a hundred ecards. a hundred% of the proceeds pass in the direction of the yank cancer Society 
American Greetings

fee: A every year membership prices $19.99 which presents you with limitless ecards. otherwise, the cost is $4.99 a month. there may be a loose, seven day trial. 

Make your very own motion pictures or slideshow to send pals and circle of relatives in lieu of a conventional card!
rate: free
Blue Mountain

rate: A yearly membership charges $19.99 which affords you with unlimited ecards. otherwise, the value is $4.99 a month. there is a free, seven day trial. 

Donates a percentage of every sale to Mountains to Sound, an enterprise that maintains forests. 
fee: begins at $39 for as much as forty human beings
Greet for correct
rate: varies due to the fact a portion of the fee is going in the direction of charity 

rate: there may be a loose club alternative with get entry to to a restrained number of e-cards. The premium club value $24 a yr, billed . 
Paperless post
fee: This web page assigns a ‘coin’ cost to every card. Coin package costs start at 25 cash for $10 (get your first 25 cash loose through signing up for an account)
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price: A unfastened choice (with the inclusion of ads on every card), in any other case membership starts at $7 a month. A unfastened trial is available. 

Smilebox not best has now not simplest ecards, but in addition they have slideshows!
rate: there is a free plan, but expenses $5 a month to percentage via e-mail
What can i do in preference to Christmas/holiday cards? What are some options?

now not sure if traditional vacation cards are the course you want to head? here are some alternatives:
–Postcards: Postcards require less paper, are less expensive to ship, and simply as amusing! 
–DIY: I mentioned this above, but making your own cards may be a exquisite opportunity. Plus, it’s a fantastic interest to do with youngsters. 
–Use child’s artwork: talking of kids, the use of youngsters art work can be a brilliant manner to reduce down on paper muddle whilst additionally sending some thing non-public throughout the vacations. 
What do I do with antique Christmas/holiday playing cards?

good enough, you send excursion playing cards, you get vacation playing cards….what do you do with all those antique playing cards? right here are a few fun ideas!
-reduce them into gift tags for presents
-frame them
-Use them again/upcycle them
-reduce them up and use them for a imaginative and prescient board
-send the cardboard fronts (with out writing) to St. Judes to be became new cards. Please notice they can’t take delivery of Disney, Hallmark, or American Greeting manufacturers
-Make small books of all of the playing cards you get every year (my mom did this with us when we had been children!)
-cut them out and make embellishes
you may check out other ideas here. 
where is your favored area to get Christmas/excursion cards?

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Eco Friendly Yoga Accessories Roundup

If you love Yoga as a good deal as I do then i am hoping you may enjoy some of these high-quality companies who make lovely satisfactory, eco pleasant and sustainable products whilst giving lower back to the network.

Cork Leaf

when it comes to eco-friendly products than flexible materials cork is up there with the best of them. Cork Leaf has used it to provide fashionable yoga mats which might be backed with herbal tree rubber as seen underneath. Cork is the bark from a cork very welltree, after the tree reaches 25 years of age cork can be stripped every 9-one year without causing harm to the tree.

eco-friendly Yoga

sure they’re high priced but you do get lots on your cash. firstly they plant a tree in Australia for every mat you purchase, the surface is anti-microbial this means that it evidently kills mould and awful smells. The mats are also non slip which is so critical when you’re practising. by way of the usage of a cork yoga mat you’re being grounded as according to this excerpt:

Do you word you feel higher whilst you walk barefoot on earth? nicely studies indicates ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ is notably beneficial for your health. Our immune system functions optimally while your body has an ok supply of electrons, which are effortlessly and obviously obtained with the aid of barefoot touch with the Earth. however plastics, like % and TPE which are found in unconventional yoga mats,  separate us from this contact. via the usage of herbal resources we hope to decorate the practice permitting to absolutely join and experience grounded.

Cork Leaf also use a 100% Carbon neutral delivery provider.

i have best been able to discover sparkling opinions for this product and can’t wait to strive it myself .


Slinkii is a employer who commenced by way of simply selling sustainable yoga mats however have had fulfillment and interest and now also offer lovely yoga and Pilates lively-wear and add-ons. They use an ethically sound  method.

Their active-wear uses moisture-wicking cloth which maintains you cool and clean at some stage in your a exercising. They awareness on developing , bio-degradable and non-poisonous merchandise and in addition they donate a number of their profits to assist with conservation. they have partnered with One Tree Planted so each time you go to your cart you get requested in case you would really like to plant a tree for one dollar. In 2015 they did a one week marketing campaign and it ended in 1400 greater timber planted.

Slinkii merchandise seem to get wonderful reviews as properly. click here to examine a first-rate yoga mat overview.

in case you are interested in analyzing about Slinkiis journey please click right here.


Manduka is a US based agency who has been in operation on account that 1997 and has a complete range of pleasant satisfactory merchandise. it all all started with an concept that a higher yoga mat ought to make a global of distinction. Manduka has one of the highest pleasant and overall performance yoga mats and accessories. they’re made the use of lasting and herbal products and in which feasible renewable substances are sourced and utilised.

one of the highlights of purchasing on this website online is being able to keep via functions such as natural Cotton, Recycled Fibres, speedy Drying or Ventilated. additionally they have a weblog that is full of captivating yoga related statistics.

i’ve researched some of the product opinions which might be all incredible. some things I took far from that is that the yoga mats come in 3 extraordinary thicknesses and unique lengths however the thicker and longer the mat the heavier it is therefore it’s critical to do not forget how you may be using and transporting it. all the critiques I read rave about the consolation and balance and durability of the mats.

As i am based totally in Australia for people who would really like to buy Manduka products i’ve determined those two websites who re-sell them: Eco yoga keep and EMP

eco-friendly product


LoveEarth doesn’t most effective sell eco yoga mats however also enables to recycle and reuse antique mats. They are part of a push to lessen the ecological footprint of yoga in Australia: We would like you to send again your vintage yoga mat and could distribute these to community yoga groups serving disadvantaged populations all around Australia.

Their mats are made from herbal Tree Rubber and do now not consist of pollutants, %, per or TPE. they’re absolutely biodegradable eco-friendly gifts, non slip and durable. LoveEarth has superb reviews so in case you connect to what this organization stands for it’d be a smart funding on your exercise.

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How to Create an Eco Friendly Marketing Plan


Obviously express your green objectives to the general population.

In the substance of your showcasing plan, you should make your green objectives to be effectively perceived by people in general. You ought to distribute a few assets in the arrangement that will illuminate your objective customers on your objective to have an eco-friendly showcasing plan. 

The assets can be utilized to fund mindfulness on blog entries, web-based media and different outlets. The objective is to arrive at staff and clients that will share and support your green objectives. One can even go on by planning an application for the organization and utilize an Application symbol looking like the eco-friendly products logo. 

Eco-friendly Products

Advance your image with reusable products 

The reception of eco-friendly loot can make an extremely incredible showcasing apparatus. It wipes out the need to have single-utilization of a ware, implying that less waste will be bound to landfills. The most amazing aspect is the effect made by these reusable products on the grounds that your clients utilize your exceptionally marked products. Accordingly, your image is in plain view for quite a long time. 

Incorporate the eco-friendly topic in your paper and printing 

While setting up your marketable strategy, it is a great idea to incorporate your arrangement to help a friendly climate utilizing paper and composing done by your organization. Some printing and desk work like inventories, business cards, and leaflets are vital limited time apparatuses. Each organization sees the need to utilize paper advertising materials, so consistently guarantee that you use paper admirably. It is conceivable to limit the negative eco-sway from these things. Decrease your effect by utilizing seed paper that is FSC affirmed and inks that are low VOC. 

Advance eco-association 

There are a great numerous eco-friendly phone cases companies and gatherings, and there are chances that they can select to utilize your assistance. In your strategy, clarify that you expect to search for an eco-friendly association whose job in the public eye lines up with your destinations and objectives and perceive how you can accomplice or even assist towards the help and advancement of a friendly climate. 

Eco-Friendly Marketing

Pitch your endeavors and accomplishments 

The field-tested strategy incorporates the possibility that you will name your products and bundling with the topic of a fitting eco-name or logo. Such eco-names can incorporate the USDA’s confirmed natural seal or the energy star logo. Also, you can guarantee that you source of inspiration any type of eco supports you may have gotten. 

Individuals have great information on these symbols and will recognize that they represent relationship with your image, thus making it more good for clients who appreciate keeping an eco-friendly climate. The thought can likewise help you market your image further by letting individuals who may not have the foggiest idea about your image or item and administrations improve comprehension of your image and what it’s about. 

It is consistently an extraordinary handle and placed at the top of the priority list that any green change you make towards the climate will emphatically effect and advantage the planet and your image. Continuously guarantee that you have yearly missions on the significance of dealing with what encompasses us.

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